Dopo molti mesi di duro lavoro...LA STORIA DIETRO

After a chance encounter with Belgian mountainbike world champion Filip Meirhaeghe on the ‘Eternal Fame’ TV show in 2012, Everts love for gin really blossomed and his since taken him on a five year journey to create a product worthy of his name.

Educating himself on the entire industry through reading books and tasting different flavours, it was another coincidental between his father and a local gin distillery that provided Everts with the spark to start creating the product himself.

As big fans of the star motocross rider, the distillery explained all the processes necessary to bring S72 Gin to the marketplace and then helped with all the sampling and testing, so that Everts could create the unique flavour he was looking for.

In the extremely competitive gin industry, it is a difficult proposition to stand out from the crowd, but after many months of hard work perfecting the blend, S72 Gin was finally ready.

And … about the violet flavour of the gin? Stefan discovered this by coincidence during a visit to a former sponsor whilst they were designing a motorcycle. He was offered a violet candy and Stefan was so captivated by the taste, that immediately after his homecoming, he asked the distillery to incorporate this flavor into his own gin.


DistilledS72 GIN

Nella estremamente competitiva industria del gin é difficile differenziarse ma dopo molti mesi di duro lavoro perfezzionando la miscela, il gin S72 finalmente é nato.


DistilledS72 VODKA

Il S72 Gin trova un complice con la nuovissima S72 Vodka! Grande novità per la famiglia Everts, perché diventa un po ‘più grande. Questa settimana il S72 Gin riceverà la compagnia del suo fratellino S72 Vodka!


S72 Premium Gin
47 45
S72 Premium Gin
S72 Gin has an original taste that is proving popular with gin lovers around the world.
S72 Gin & Vodka Set
82 80
S72 Gin & Vodka Set
A set of the unbeatable S72 Gin and our brand new S72 Vodka.
S72 Vodka
38 35
S72 Vodka
Our brand new S72 Vodka