Here he is, a variant of ‘the Legend’ cocktail, the ‘Block Pass’. What’s a block pass? It’s a way to pass by your opponent by forcing him to the outside without having the intention to harm him.

Next up in our cocktail recipes line: “DES NATIONS”. For this beauty we combine our S72 gin with 43 liquor, angostura bitters & the ginger ale from Fever-Tree. It’s a great combo, definitely try it yourself. Curious why we named this one “DES NATIONS”? It’s a competition each year where every country sends its best rider. The country that gets the highest score, wins!

A purple cocktail to end this series of recipes with.. Purple, because this is of course the the color of our S72 gin. To get this lovely purple, mix syrup of violet, lime juice, egg white and finish it off with sparkling water. Try it, you’ll be convinced!

We are so excited to introduce you to some new recipes … First up: “RED PLATE”. An awesome recipe with our S72 gin, combined with Campari & Chambord for a lovely red, bitter sweet cocktail…