“The Victory”. Stefan was lucky enough to celebrate many victories during his career. You will certainly find the bittersweet taste of victory in this shake.

The Ingredients

5 cl. S72 Vodka

2 cl. Limoncello

1 Red Bull Orange

The Garnish

A lemon slice

Violet Flowers

How to make it

1. Combine the S72 Vodka and limoncello in a long drink with ice.

2. Top up with the Red Bull Orange.

3. Stir for a few seconds.

4. Finish with a lemon slice and some violets

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S72 Vodka 50cl Botellas
S72 es una vodka accesible y fresca con claros acentos de grano en la nariz. ¡La vodka S72 tiene un sabor con un toque amargo y se puede usar fácilmente en la mezcla! Si la prefiere pura, le aconsejamos que la sirva bien fria.

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