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No doubt you find our S72gin with tonic very tasty. But sometimes you’re in the mood for something else. That’s why Kwinten Ghysens, a renowned bartender and cocktail shaker, composed some cocktails with our S72 Gin and Vodka.

The names of our cocktails may sound a bit strange. Most of them are referring to some motorcrossterms, in this way Stefan’s passion comes back in these cocktails. ‘The Scrub’ refers to a specific jump with the motorcycle. ‘The Victory’, no explaining needed here, the bittersweet taste of the victory you’ll definitely find back in the taste of this one.

Next is ‘The Nations’, this one refers to the yearly held competition where the 3 best drivers per country compete against each other. ‘The Red Plate’:  when you’re at the lead of the worldchamionship, you get a red plate and also your bike is foreseen of a red numberplate.

Furthermore we’ve also the cocktail of our bartender himself and also a mix of a restaurant. Last but not least we’ve got ‘The Purple 72’, the favourite of Stefan. This cocktail represent his favourite purple color and is one of the most challenging one’s to compose.

Enough talk about it! Time to taste them! You can find all the recipes under the Inspiration page on our website


More than once, of course.
S72 Premium Gin
Crafted with the same blend of passion and dedication that made Stefan Everts win 10 World Motocross Championchips. Lime zest and raspberry on the nose. Violet is prominent on the palate. Finishes with notes of lemon sherbet.
S72 Gin & Vodka Set
A set of S72 Gin (70cl) and S72 Vodka (50cl) , the latest addition to the S72 family.
S72 Vodka
It’s a universal, fresh tasting vodka with clear grain scents to the nose. S72 Vodka has a unique taste and can easily be used in the mix! It’s the real sidekick of our S72 Gin and now comes with a matching bottle.