Mr. 875

18 August 2021by vierthom

“Mr. 875cc” is someone who became World Champion Motocross in the 3 classes (125cc + 250cc + 500cc = 875cc).
Eric ‘the Kid’ Geboers was the first and Stefan ‘the Legend’ Everts was the 2nd. Both Belgian motocross riders are the only 2 who, until now, have been able to claim this title.

Mr.875 is a fresh, summery cocktail composed by bartender Kwinten Ghysens. This is how you make this unique mix.

The Ingredients

15 cl. S72 Vodka

2.5 cl Lime Juice

7.5 cl Clear Violet Syrup

1 Can of Red Bull Watermelon

250 gr Crushed Ice

250 gr Watermelon (flesh)

The Garnish


How to make it

1. Put all ingredients in a blender.

2. Mix well.

3. Pour into a coupe glass.

4. Finish with a few pieces/balls of watermelon.

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