Mr. Smooth

26 August 2020by vierthom

Mr. Smooth, who is he? Somebody who seems to go very slow, but in such a smooth manner that he actually goes very fast. A cocktail that is easy to make and just as easy to drink. Below how you make it. Enjoy it!

The Ingredients

6 cl. S72 Gin

3 cl. Noilly Prat

2 cl. Clear Violet Syrup

The Garnish

Violet flower

How to make it

1. Add all ingredients in a mix glass with lots of ice.

2. Stir until it cools sufficiently.

3. Pour the mix into a coupe glass with a sieve (so that there is no ice in the coupe glass).

4. Finish with a violet flower.

Shop the Gin

Crafted with the same blend of passion and dedication that made Stefan Everts win 10 World Motocross Championchips. Lime zest and raspberry on the nose. Violet is prominent on the palate. Finishes with notes of lemon sherbet.