The Strong Moto

29 April 2022by vierthom

‘Strong Moto’, the race name and the cocktail is one of Stefan’s favorites. A ‘moto’ is 1 race in a motocross competition. Mostly there are 2 moto’s during 1 race-day. You drove a ‘strong one’ if you had a very good or even excellent moto. This cocktail hasn’t stole his name.

The Ingredients

5 cl. S72 Vodka

10 cl. Fever Tree Ginger Beer

The Garnish

Violet flower and candied ginger

How to make it

Add ice cubes in a glass

Poor the vodka over the ice cubes and stir until it cools sufficiently

Top-up with fever tree ginger beer.

Finish with a violet flower and candied ginger

Shop the Vodka

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