12 July 2022by vierthom


Building a cafe racer had been on Stefan’s bucket list for years. Let’s start with: ‘What is a cafe racer’? Meet Stefan Everts his ‘Gin Devil’ !

Café racer is a motorcycle classification. With cafe racers, it usually concerns a standard engine converted to a sports model, with significant concessions being made to comfort. It is named after The Ace Cafe, a meeting point of motorcyclists in England in the 1950s.

By now you have figured it out: Stefan has a rich imagination, a nose for new things and he likes to snoop around. And that both online and in physical places. So he finally comes across the ideal bike to convert into a cafe racer. A designer is put to work, his ‘handy harry’ gets to work,… and so one of his dreams is gradually taking shape.

Meet Stefan Everts his ‘Gin Devil’ !