NewsS72 GinS72 MagaGINe Winter 2020!

Ons nieuw mini magazine is uit!MagaGINe Winter 2020

S72 Gin Magagine

Here it is, our new magazine. From now on it names S72 MagaGINe and will it come out as a yearly edtion. Or who knows, maybe even quicker if you ask us many questions or sending us your ideas, pictures, … Where will you find it? For sure at every order you place in our Webshop, at our events, …

So for now enjoy reading! Give us your feedback, in this way we make together a top magagine!

S72 Premium Gin 70cl Bottle
Crafted with the same blend of passion and dedication that made Stefan Everts win 10 World Motocross Championchips. Lime zest and raspberry on the nose. Violet is prominent on the palate. Finishes with notes of lemon sherbet.