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10th September 2020

Here he is, a variant of ‘the Legend’ cocktail, the ‘Block Pass’. What’s a block pass? It’s a way to pass by your opponent by forcing him to the outside without having the intention to harm him. Maybe you can perform a block pass to steal somebody’s gin 😉?

Share us your videos when performing it.
This is how you make him.

The Ingredients

5cl S72 gin

2cl Clear Violet Syrup

2cl Lime Juice

10cl Fever Tree Ginger Beer Garnish

Garnish: Lime Slice (Optional: Violet Flower and Candied Ginger)

Poor the gin, violet syrup and the lime juice in a glass.
Add ice cubes and stir until it cools sufficiently .
Top-up with fever tree ginger beer.
Finish with a lime slice and optionally a violet flower and candied ginger

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