25 September 2018by vierthom

“The Victory”. Stefan was lucky enough to celebrate many victories during his career. You will certainly find the bittersweet taste of victory in this shake.

The Ingredients

5 cl. S72 Vodka

2 cl. Limoncello

1 Red Bull Orange

The Garnish

A lemon slice

Violet Flowers

How to make it

1. Combine the S72 Vodka and limoncello in a long drink with ice.

2. Top up with the Red Bull Orange.

3. Stir for a few seconds.

4. Finish with a lemon slice and some violets

Shop the Vodka

It’s a universal, fresh tasting vodka with clear grain scents to the nose. S72 Vodka has a unique taste and can easily be used in the mix! It’s the real sidekick of our S72 Gin and now comes with a matching bottle.